The act of masturbation is nothing but manually stimulating your genital organ for sexual pleasure. But, when this act goes beyond simple pleasures, it takes a form of obsessive masturbation. How much masturbation is too much? Masturbation is healthy as long as you are engaging in it for once in a while, but becomes a disease when done excessively.

If you are developing the symptoms of premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction because of excessive masturbation. Do not waste your free time in masturbating constantly and let us help you use it constructively. We understand that breaking this habit will need a strong will power, and hence we are here to provide you physical as well as psychological support to get through it. If you want to avoid sexual health issues such as physical weakness, lack of self-confidence, frequent night discharges and weakening semen passing before or after urination, premature ejaculation, do not waste time and contact us right now!